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Becoming Incapacitated Without A Healthcare Power Of Attorney – Healthcare

A Healthcare Power of Attorney is meant to be in place to allow you to make healthcare decisions for yourself when you are no longer able to speak for yourself. You are considered to be legally incapacitated when you can no longer speak for yourself. What happens when you become incapacitated without having a healthcare power of attorney in place?If you become incapacitated or no longer able to speak for yourself concerning medical decisions without a Healthcare Power Of Attorney in place for yourself then family members in most states might be able to step in to make decisions for you. This is put into place by the power under the Adult Health Care Consent Act of most states. The Adult Health Care Consent Act states an order of succession of who will be able to step in to speak for you in case of your incapacity. The Spouse is given priority in the order of those that can step in and speak for you. The next in line is the children. The next in line is parents. After that are siblings. In the order of succession after the spouse each group of children or parents if there is more than one must come to an agreement on a decision to be made. This situation puts an undue stress and difficult decision in the hands of family members that have within their choice the power to keep alive or let a family member die. This can lead to unnecessary fights or disagreements among family members at a difficult and stressful time.When there are differing opinions on whether you should be allowed to stay alive or pass among family members the situation can quickly and literally become life and death. Unnecessary stress and arguments can be prevented by simply putting in writing your healthcare wishes in your advance directives. Take the choice and doubt over what you would have wanted to happen to you away from everyone else. This is a simple and selfless act that could potentially keep a family together by having a plan in place. Having a plan in place allows for everything to flow smoothly at a time when tensions and grief can be high and get even higher.It is best to have a Healthcare Power Of Attorney in place to make your wishes clear and appoint one agent to make decisions on your behalf.

Fitness: This Civic Duty Leads To Affordable Healthcare – Healthcare

Civic duty is real and it doesn’t begin or end with voting for who will be the next POTUS.If you don’t do your part to reduce financial burden on our healthcare system then you’re not being a good citizen.”Good citizen” behavior includes doing what you can do to take good care of- or to not waste-your country’s resources. We recycle and work to keep our oceans clean. We also need to do our personal part in keeping health care costs down- by avoiding the pitfalls that lead to diabetes and other preventable diseases.Your healthy body is a resource you have an obligation to maintain and preserve. Making yourself sick due to poor diet and lack of exercise is the opposite of being a good citizen.Diabetes is the most expensive disease overall. It causes more deaths each year than cancer and aids combined. Some research shows that 90% of adult onset diabetes is preventable. If the number were only half that it would be staggering.Family history and genetics don’t guarantee you’ll get diabetes- they only play a role. Low activity level and poor diet increase your chances of getting the disease- and others too.Adult onset diabetes occurs slowly over time. This implies that you have time to get things under control. Are you working to get things under control? If you’re struggling and need help, get it. One secret to having a successful life is learning how to get the help you need.Uncontrolled diabetes contributes greatly to its overall cost. If you already have diabetes you can work to control it.Healthcare is not how many drugs you can get and for how cheap. It’s more about taking caring of your health before you lose it (prevention.)If there’s one good thing about turning 65 it’s got to be eligibility for Medicare. Your fellow Americans will then be paying the bulk of your healthcare costs- if you have any. We all could impact our country by making healthy choices throughout the years to keep our personal healthcare costs as low as humanly possible.Your personal lack of exercise and disregard for a healthy diet both lead to higher health care costs for your country and a lower quality of life for you. Why would you choose that? Don’t choose that.By doing what is in your personal power to be fit- by eating well and working out- you are doing your part, your civic duty, to keep government spending down through eliminating avoidable costs. If you don’t care about yourself, maybe you care about your country!We need affordable health care for everyone in this country. We can make nationwide healthcare more affordable if we decrease the need to utilize benefits.All you need to do is two things:
• Work out moderately and consistently.
• Learn how to eat right. It involves more than just avoiding too much sugar and fat.No excuses please. Learn what you need to know- then do what you need to do.Ask yourself these questions:
• Are you doing what’s in your personal power to take good care of yourself?
• Could you do a better job of it?You know you need exercise. Get some. Every day. Eat a healthy diet too.The civic duty of caring for your health is not that difficult and it’s totally free for you. It may come easier to some people than to others. Even so, it doesn’t have to be difficult and it’s easier once you get started.Preserving and protecting your health is a way to serve to your country without being a soldier.The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) states that the future growth of spending (per beneficiary) for our major health care programs will be the most important determinant of long term trends in federal spending.It’s been said that every right implies responsibility, every possession implies a duty, and every opportunity implies an obligation (John D. Rockefeller, Jr.)In America we have the right to receive Medicare when we turn 65. If you possess a healthy body you have a duty to take care of it. If you’re given the opportunity to enjoy life with a healthy body you have an obligation to maintain its condition.Shut up, work out, and eat right. As an American put your personal “I can” into making your life a healthy life. Your personal fitness can make national healthcare more affordable.

What To Know About Healthcare Management Careers – Healthcare

When we think of a career in health care, we think of the numerous positions that exist throughout the medical community. Health care careers conjure up visions of doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and others who provide patient care. We do not often thinks about healthcare management and what careers are available.The important patient care that the health care industry provides would not be possible without the proper supervision and administration. It is not easy for people to think of health care facilities as a business, but it is. Without the managers and administrators working to ensure the smooth delivery of health care services, and manage the budgeting and other administrative tasks, facilities would not survive.Managing health care services involves the planning, organization, supervision, and coordination of the delivery of the services. The health manager works in hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and a number of other health services. Professionally trained individuals are hired to carry out these tasks to keep the facility or organization running efficiently.For those who are interested in working in the health field but do not want direct patient contact, managing and administration may be a good career match. This is also an area that is increasing in employment opportunities. Interested persons should research the academic programs that are designed for the organization and direction of health services.The individual who is interested in a career in health care administration will first need to obtain the proper education. Health care services managers must posses keen aptitude in administration and business, and the have the skills to clearly and effectively communicate verbally and in writing with others.These skills can be acquired through a good academic program. Most facilities are interested in hiring those individuals who meet the minimum education qualifications. The minimum qualifications are usually a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration. For those who are interested in higher positions offered in this field, a Masters degree, or higher, in Healthcare Administration will be required.The many advances in technology and the complexity of medical regulations required by law, can be challenging to the professionals in the field of health care services managing. The planning and supervision of the delivery of health care services in any facility, involves a team of service managers working under the direction of an administrator. The daily tasks of the manager will involve supervision of personnel, finances or budgeting, operating functions, and admissions.Within the healthcare management field there are a number of career opportunities in clinical managing and health information managing. Clinical managers supervise specific clinical areas and must be experienced and trained in the particular area. The health information manager is responsible for the secure maintenance of patient records. Individuals interested in this area of administration must have an undergraduate or graduate degree in the management of health information. Regardless which area the individual chooses to work, this is a field that has the promise of employment growth for the future.

Healthcare, Air Travel and Interoperability – Healthcare

The healthcare industry is notorious for its severely disconnected practices. Often, a patient finds herself caught in the middle of the shuffle. If you’ve recently received medical care or attempted to schedule a doctor’s visit, you are certainly familiar with the headaches associated with the process. The article “If Air Travel worked like Health Care” from the National Journal, accurately and humorously sums up the issues we face.As a patient, interacting with the healthcare industry feels overwhelming and disconnected. Unfortunately, we are forced to tolerate a high level of absurdity when trying to complete relatively simple tasks. As a consumer, we would rarely accept such circumstances in any other industry, but it seems when it comes to healthcare, we have limited recourse. Patients seeking care face repetitive lines of questioning and seemingly unending wait times as the entire industry suffers from a lack of interoperability.The patient in the National Journal article, after being sold a flight departing months past his desired travel date, after he is required to fax in a consent form, and after he must call a separate company to handle his baggage, informs the customer service representative that in a modern system, he would be sold “a safe round-trip journey, instead a series of separate procedures. It would have back-office personnel using modern IT systems to coordinate my journey behind the scenes. The systems and personnel would talk to each other automatically. At the press of a button, once I entered a password, they would be able to look up my travel history. We’d do most of this stuff online.” He’s describing the way most industries operate today, from air travel to banking to freight transportation, all of which are able to successfully communicate between systems, companies and types of data.This article highlights, in a light-hearted way, the tension created by trying to coordinate answers to simple questions like appointment scheduling or billing inquiries while on the phone with a provider or health plan. All the healthcare stakeholders, patients, providers and health plans, are frustrated by the lack of interoperability and the high administrative costs to accomplish simple tasks like scheduling an appointment.Providing healthcare in this disconnected manner is expensive and unsustainable. As we look to the future, health systems and health communications will need to be integrated across IT systems, providers, specialist offices, labs and health plans. Data will need to be mobile, secure and efficient. It will need to be accessible when and where it’s required by authorized personnel.