How to Turn a $147,000 Hospital Bill Into $1,655 With Supplemental Healthcare in 72 Hours – Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare and the options available it can be very complicated. This was especially so for a woman and her husband’s two surgeries within one year. One surgery was for appendicitis and then another, which brought their medical bills to $147,000. They had insurance, so they covered $100,000, which left them with 47,000 out-of-pocket to pay. Since they didn’t have enough in their savings to cover it they went to the internet for a solution. They were able to find a solution that worked alongside their current insurance plan. The company provided a supplemental healthcare plan.The supplemental healthcare provider was able to go to battle for the couple and bring their $47,000 debt down to $1,655. They credited this to the company, but it was ultimately great to know that there was a solution that helped their finances in the midst of uncertainty.Supplemental healthcare programs are becoming the “go to” alternative for many people just like this family who can’t afford their hospital bills. These hospital advocates, under the programs, negotiate with the hospitals and the insurance companies on behalf of the client. Sometimes they are able to bring the bills down to zero. Most discount programs give discounts ranging from 20 – 50%. This can increase a bit based on the primary care physician you choose and you may be able to get an even larger discount from the doctor in addition to what you receive from the programs.If you are interested in wanting to explore a discount program, remember that not all of them are the same. They each have different rates of discounts for hospitalization, medical procedures, and more. They may not even have a hospital advocacy attached to their discount health programs, so look for this if you fall in the previous situation as the couple. Be sure to compare the competition and go with a plan that suits your situation. If your situation is not that recent you may have to come out of pocket so be aware of your options and think in a preventive way about protection.No one knows when the time will come for an unexpected visit to the emergency room but one thing is for sure options are available. No one should feel boxed in by insurance companies and their small print. Supplemental healthcare may be just the thing you need to hold you over until your new year of insurance coverage begins.