Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans – Health Savings Accounts – Healthcare

Consumer driven healthcare plans have proven to be an excellent solution to rising healthcare costs. Here are the two parts to true consumer driven healthcare coverage.The Catastrophic Health PlanSometimes referred to as a high deductible health plan, a catastrophic health plan has some advantages over a traditional health insurance plan. The first and largest benefit of owning catastrophic health insurance is the affordable price.  Because the deductibles are higher and due to the very nature of the plans, they can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year over traditional plans.The other big advantage to these plans is that some of them cover 100% of your medical expenses after you meet your deductible.   Find the right plan and you won’t have to worry about splitting medicals bills with the insurance company once your deductible has been met.The Tax Advantaged Financial AccountThe other component of consumer driven healthcare plans is the financial account.   Having a qualified high deductible health plan qualifies you to open a health savings account (HSA).   This account allows you to deposit money into your HSA pre-tax and pay for your medical, dental, and other expenses tax free.   It’s a huge advantage if you are in a medium or high tax bracket.Together, a catastrophic medical plan and a tax advantaged financial account make up a consumer driven healthcare plan.  Consider this solution for yourself or your family.   Start saving thousands of dollars per year on your health insurance premiums and hundreds, if not thousands more on medical expenses if they arise.